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Introducing The Preferred Lakewood Chiropractors

Looking for a caring Lakewood Chiropractor who serves the area? Then we’re please to introduce our Chittenden Chiropractic Chiropractic team! We look forward to meeting you personally and helping you get well and stay well.

Meet Dr. Stephen Chittenden

The Chiropractors To See In Chittenden

Dr. Chittenden & Dr. Sweet: Your Lakewood Chiropractors

As a Chiropractor, my focus is to help people in my community realize their health goals. I believe that no matter what condition someone comes in with, a step towards better health is made as soon as you enter the office.

Each person that enters the practice has the potential for better health. Whether you have been in an automobile accident, sustained a work injury, experience acute or chronic pain, or want to enhance an already healthy lifestyle, we are here to help you… read more »

Meet Dr. Dennis Sweet

The amazing ability the body has to heal itself piqued my interest and led me to the career in Chiropractic that I enjoy today.

My philosophical and practice goals are simple: Remove nerve interference that may be causing the body to mal-function, restoring proper nerve flow, and allowing the body’s own healing properties to function normally… read more»

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